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    Does this sound familiar?

    You’re feeling overwhelmed, your thoughts are racing and you are struggling with your sleep. You spend much of your time worrying and it’s impacting your health, your work and your relationships. You’ve tried deep breathing, exercise, balanced diet and you still are struggling!

    I can help you get to the root of your anxiety, so you aren’t just treating symptoms.

    Trauma Therapy

    Intrusive thoughts, nightmares, irritability, agression… are you stuck and not able get past a difficult experience? Car accidents, death of a loved one, exposure to violence, health crisis are a few examples of trauma. 

    I can help you moved past trauma so you can get on with you life.

    Why me?

    As a regulated health professional, I specialize in helping clients overcome anxiety, OCD and trauma. I’ve been a social worker for over 16 years.

    Online or In-Person

    Appointments are  available online for clients in Alberta & Ontario. I am, also, pleased to now welcome clients in-person at my office in Edmonton.

    Why therapy?

    Therapy is an opportunity to discover what’s underneath your symptoms and to move past your fear. It can reduce racing thoughts, sleep disturbance and constant worry.

    Underneath your anxiety, OCD & trauma are past experiences that are keeping you stuck. Therapy is your opportunity to get unstuck so you can move ahead in life.

    Hello I'm Charity Lui (she/her/elle)

    I love working with people, supporting you to reach your potential and sharing my knowledge to help you move through your challenges. My life has had it’s fair share of challenges and that’s part of why I have chosen to be a mental health therapist.

    My education includes a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Social Work with a clinical specialization from the University of Calgary. I am an EMDR therapist and am continually taking new training to be able to provide evidence based therapy. Plus I just love learning 🙂

    Je suis bilingue et il me ferait plaisir de vous servir en français.

    Creating Change Counselling is on Treaty 6 Territory. These are unsurrendered land of many First Nations and Metis including the Cree, Dene, Nakota Sioux, Anishinabee and Blackfoot.